Formula 2 Study & Diabetes in Control Survey

​Below is an independent study performed by a podiatry group from a health care system in Delaware in 2016 that indicates Formula 2's efficacy in helping reduce foot fissures. Additionally, a survey was performed by Diabetes In Control which indicates that 94% of patients preferred Formula 2 Skin Care Cream over their previously used skin care brands.

​"In conclusion, this drug study found Formula II Skin Care Cream effective in reducing the severity of plantar foot fissures. Over time, a patient can eventually heal plantar foot fissures due to the daily use of Formula II Skin Care Cream, as shown with the class scores and the subjective complaints of the patients. Therefore, we recommend the usage of Formula II Skin Care Cream for the treatment of fissures in the foot as long as there are no contraindications to its use."