Dry Cracked Hands Testimonials

Hands can sometimes become dry and cracked. Whether it’s through exposure to the weather, constant hand washing, cuts and scrapes, lack of hydration, or health conditions such as diabetes, our hands can take quite a beating. Give them the relief they need with Formula 2 Skin Care Cream. Our high concentration of effective ingredients will supply your hands with the moisture and the barrier protection they need against many elements.
I've worked at the US Postal Service for 32 years and have tried every type of skin or hand cream you can think of and have not been able to keep my hands from cracking and bleeding until I found your product. What a relief it is when the weather changes and my hands get dry to not have to worry about the pain from bumping my split cuticles against something. Do you know why I don't have to worry anymore? I don't have any more split cuticles or dry and cracked hands thanks to Formula ll. Your product really works!!!!!

B. Kauffman, Delaware

I, too, wanted to say something about this product. Living in the mountains here in Colorado, my skin gets really dry. I used to have cracked and bleeding fingers. Now, I use Formula II and my fingers no longer bleed:) Nothing used to help!

A. Brunette, Colorado Springs, CO

Formula II is an excellent product. I use it on itchy, dry skin and hands, rashes and even eczema. It is very soothing to use on dry skin and really works for my husband and son's dry skin. I recommended it to a girlfriend for her rash. It healed the rash very quickly and she now uses it for her family. I work in a doctor's office and recommend using Formula II because it works!

M McCants, Delaware

I'm a flight attendant and due to cabin pressure drying out my skin I have tried many expensive products and prescription drugs. I haven't found any that I like as much as Formula II. I use it every night on my hands and feet.

B. Jackson, Pennsylvania

A few years ago my hands were dry, sore and bleeding. I asked the pharmacist where I worked to help me. She advised that I get Formula II. Within 2 days you couldn't even see that my hands had been as sore as they were. More recently, my diabetic husband was a patient at the wound center. He had open sores on his legs. The doctors at the hospital told all their patients to use Formula II and it works so well to keep the skin on his legs softer and less prone to splitting open. We will never use anything else!!


Formula II is amazing. I used this product for my dry hands. After two weeks I was a surprised to find that the brown spots on my hands are almost completely gone :)


I have found Formula II to be particularly useful in treating the hard to heal cracks on the fingertips and corners of lips. Nothing works as well as Formula II. I use and recommend Formula II for a lot of things. Your cream is by far my favorite to use.

K. Tozour, R.Ph

I first discovered Formula II when I worked at Happy Harry's in Newark, DE. I just wanted to tell you how much I like it. I had carpal tunnel surgery on Jan 7, 2010. After the stitches came out I started using Formula II on the incision site to soften up any scaring. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks since surgery and the scar is already soft and healing up nicely. Also, a few weeks ago I had a cold and couldn't breathe. My lips were dry and cracked. I used Formula II on my lips before I went to sleep and they were still "lubricated" when I got up in the morning. In fact, I told a girlfriend about it and gave her a sample to try. She is now using Formula II on her lips.

N. Dahlke

As a Diabetes Educator, I see very dry, cracked skin all the time. Several of my patients have tried Formula II Skin Care Cream with great results. Their skin is smoother with increased elasticity. I’ve seen it help heal cellulitis on lower extremities. Personally, it helps my hands and cuticles from all the hand washing I have to do as a nurse.

Sherry Lee RN, CDE, CPC