Chapped Lips Testimonials

Exposure to the elements, including cold and hot weather, can affect your lips in ways that will create discomfort. Whether they are dry, cracked, or blistered, Formula 2 Skin Care Cream is an excellent topical preparation for your lips. The powerful concentration of moisture and protection will keep your lips soft, healthy and feeling great.
I have found Formula 2 to be particularly useful in treating the hard to heal cracks on the fingertips and corners of lips. Nothing works as well as Formula 2. I use and recommend Formula 2 for a lot of things. Your cream is by far my favorite to use.

K. Tozour, R.Ph

I first discovered Formula 2 when I worked at Happy Harry's in Newark, DE. I just wanted to tell you how much I like it. I had carpal tunnel surgery on Jan 7, 2010. After the stitches came out I started using Formula 2 on the incision site to soften up any scaring. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks since surgery and the scar is already soft and healing up nicely. Also, a few weeks ago I had a cold and couldn't breathe. My lips were dry and cracked. I used Formula 2 on my lips before I went to sleep and they were still "lubricated" when I got up in the morning. In fact, I told a girlfriend about it and gave her a sample to try. She is now using Formula 2 on her lips.

N. Dahlke